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Have you ever dreamed of a new kitchen? There are so many ways to begin to update your old kitchen. New appliances make a dramatic difference. As do new cabinets. But these renovations can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Some of today’s new countertop materials can completely change your kitchen’s dated look. Corian, marble, and granite have astronomical costs. It’s true that these new materials can run you thousands of dollars in materials and labor.

Save Thousands

What if there was another way to refinish your old countertops? What if this new method could save you thousands while transforming your old kitchen? Just ask the kitchen renovation experts at Restoration Ramos. We are experts in the latest technology and procedures. New developments in kitchen countertop restoration techniques make this kind of update much more affordable. New countertop materials and technology can give a homeowner the same look and feel of more expensive stone surfaces. Restoration Ramos is an expert in these new countertop restoration techniques. Your new countertops are engineered to last for years. Say goodbye to your old Formica or laminate countertops.

What Took Weeks to Install, Now Takes Days

Difficult corners or larger surfaces used to need customized finishing with extra material. Now, these difficult areas in your kitchen can be restored with ease. Homeowners typically see a 30-50% savings in labor and materials. And Restoration Ramos can get your kitchen back to its elevated usefulness in a matter of a few days. Which means less disruption for you and your family. Call Restoration Ramos for a free estimate for your kitchen’s countertop restoration. See how easy and affordable this new process can be. And find out what a dramatic difference it can make to get the look and feel of high-end stone materials. At a fraction of the cost.

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