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Natural stone floors can add a touch of class to a home or a business. Marble tiles, for example, have for centuries epitomized elegance. That touch of class is not a permanent attribute, however. Natural stone floors need periodic floor cleaning to look and function at its best. Floors of any kind have some areas that get much use than others. Floors near outside doors get not only much more foot traffic than most other areas of a room, they also are exposed to what is tracked in on shoes.

In terms of a natural stone floor, such as travertine, foot traffic can mean that sand on shoe soles can scratch the surfaces. Scratches can hold grit and water that further damages the stone. It takes several steps into a room before all the material falls off. Entryways are especially likely to experience this kind of damage. Passages from one room into another also experience heavier foot traffic.

Natural stone floors in kitchens are exposed to spills. Natural stone floors in bathrooms are exposed to wet feet and dripping towels. Tiles in both bathrooms and kitchens may fade more quickly than elsewhere in a home. Natural stone flooring in commercial settings provides an impressive look, but may experience very heavy foot traffic, spills and other accidents of usage. Whether the floor tiles are granite, limestone or marble, they need periodic floor cleaning to maintain the look that will impress your customers or guests. Also, consider our top rated marble polishing and marble restoration services throughout South Florida!

Homeowners may be tempted to clean the stone themselves, but should be aware that using the wrong kind of cleaners may damage their floors rather than clean. For example, calcareous stone such as travertine and marble are extremely sensitive to acid. Cleaning your stone floors is also quite a chore. Call in Restoration Ramos to clean your stone. We’re fast, we’ll save you the mess, and we’ll do it right. Please call us for a Free Estimate!

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