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Restoration Ramos Granite RestorationĀ 

Why choose Restoration Ramos to restore your granite countertops? There are many brands of DIY kits available at your local retailer. When you trust your home to the professionals at Restoration Ramos, you can be certain to receive expert granite restoration services. There are three main services Restoration Ramos delivers to homeowners.

Surface Restoration

Our most requested service is granite surface restoration. Sure, it is possible to resurface your natural stone on your own. But why not depend on a licensed and trained professional to do this work for you? Restoration Ramos has over 10 years experience restoring granite countertops. We have the skills to bring your countertops back to life. This includes removing stubborn stains or simply resealing your counters. We can polish your granite countertops so that they look showroom new. Or, we can create a new matte finish to give your kitchen a brand new look. Restoration Ramos has the expertise to smooth any rough surface due to years of wear and tear. Caring for your kitchen like it was our own.

Sealing and Resealing

In the same way the finish on your expensive countertops fades with time, so does the sealant. Without regular maintenance, stains can damage the surface of your granite countertops. Sealing your countertops by a professional can help homeowners maintain the surface for years.

Caulking and Recaulking

Even professionally installed caulking deteriorates after years of service. Restoration Ramos can safely remove your old caulking. Then, replace it to match your countertop finish. Or make the caulking appear invisible. Either way, your granite countertops will have that final detail that makes your kitchen look complete. Call Restoration RamosĀ for a free estimate to restore your granite kitchen countertops. Let our professionals take care of your kitchen. And give it a finish you would be proud to call home.

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