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Restoration Ramos Marble Polishing 

Marble adds a touch of elegance to homes and businesses. It’s durable and practical. However, over time marble’s elegance can deteriorate. Marble needs periodic polishing to regain its original look. Restoration Ramos provides expert marble polishing in Palm Beach and the surrounding areas of South Florida.

Marble Sealing

Marble is used for countertops in kitchens and bathroom vanities. It is used for mantelpieces, in shower and bath areas, as flooring, around pools and elsewhere. Marble is naturally porous, and can be stained if it is not sealed, or if the sealant has worn away. In kitchen areas, marble can be stained from spills and scratched from use. It’s important that marble used in commercial settings always look good. Marble office flooring or restaurant countertops can have a positive impact on clients and customers, which is lost if the marble is not properly cared for.

What Can Damage Your Marble

Marble in bath and pool areas can be affected by improper cleaning, or just by foot traffic. Marble flooring can be scratched by footwear, carts, moving furniture around and other daily activity. All of these can dull your marble’s shine, and reduce your marble’s elegance and beauty. Scratches can even be a health hazard in food prep areas because they may harbor bacteria. These are reasons why your marble may need polishing.

Expert Marble Polishing

We are experts in marble polishing. Polishing really means not just cleaning and polishing your marble, but dealing with stains, pitting and scratches, and applying a sealant. Sometimes polishing marble becomes a do it yourself project. The problem with DIY marble polishing is that using inappropriate cleaners and methods can easily damage your marble. Professional marble polishing ensures that the process will be done correctly.

We are highly experienced at the restoration and polishing of marble and other natural stone. Marble polishing in Palm Beach means Restoration Ramos. We will make your marble look as good as the day it was installed. Please call us for a Free Estimate.

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